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Body jewelry is no longer a fad that is by the young and foolish. Body piercing is now more than ever a method of self expression. Earlobes are no longer the only places of piercings. While some piercing locations may be obvious due to the piercing name like tongue, belly button, etc., the names of others leaves more to the imagination. These days, there's a huge variety of body jewelry appropriate for each of these types of piercings.

The Auricle piercing is in the cartilage rim that runs along the side/edge of the outer part of the ear. Ball closure rings are commonly used for this piercing, although they are prone to movement and catching on hooks, clasps, etc, which aggravates the piercing. Short labrets and barbells may be a better choice.

A Brooch piercing is a surface piercing - usually on the upper chest where brooches were, and still are, worn by ladies as an accessory. Curved jewelry or specially made surface piercing jewelry is the best choices for this piercing.

The Conch body jewelry is worn on the large area of cartilage that makes up the back of the ear. Large diameter Ball Closure Rings can be used, but this piercing heals quicker when a labret or barbell is used.

With so many types of piercing it become difficult to buy so many pieces of jewelry. Buying jewelry is not a cheap option. There are various types of jewelry available, but not are cheap. If you are a fashion conscious person you will need to wear jewelry matching your clothes. Jewelry forms a very important accessory. So you have to give due consideration to jewelry.  The jewelry pieces that you get in the market come in a wide variety. There are designs that will tantalize you with its designs. There colourful beads and gemstones in these jewelry make it very attractive. They look bright and add color to your dress.

The jewelry pieces make your whole personality more attractive and striking. The beautiful designs that you get can be compared to gold and platinum jewelry that you get in the market. This cheap body jewelry does not look cheap, but is cheap in price it has an expensive look. The rainbow of colors available in this jewelry will also lift your spirits when you wear it.
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Facts about Body Jewelry

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This article was published on 2011/09/26