How to Preserve Cufflinks

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So you already have a number of cufflinks in hand; quite a collection you now have. Some are classics, while others are of funny novelty designs. Now others may regard cufflinks as disposable little accessories; they're too many to get out of stock anyway. But even if that's true in most cases, you are not always sure to find the exact same design all the time.

Some intentionally have the joy of collecting designer, not to mention expensive, cufflinks. Cufflinks then have become more than just accessories but real treasured jewelry. While some cufflinks of course are extra special - cufflinks that hold dear sentimental values such as gift cufflinks, rare vintage cufflinks, and antique heirloom cufflinks passed on to you.

And because of the value of your cufflinks, you would not probably think of getting a replacement even if there's one available. Over all, they're too special - irreplaceable, so to speak. Even if you want to replace them, some cufflinks are rare finds too.

Your best bet then is to preserve them well for them to last many good years, even a lifetime at most. Some well preserved cufflinks can be passed down to succeeding generations to be held as valuable family treasures.

How do you do it then?

Actually, it's very simple - keep them clean and store them properly.

Keep them clean - all the time.
As with any jewelry, and regardless of material, cufflinks would require cleaning from time to time. Keep them clean. If they get dirty, which is inevitable, clean them right away before storing them. Occasionally, wipe off dust that may accumulate on your cufflinks using a gentle jewelry cloth or even 100% cotton cloth. The type of cloth used is particular, so to avoid little scratches on your cufflinks surface.

It is also possible to get your cufflinks dirty, either smudged by food or spilled with drinks. It's important to clean your cufflinks right away. Avoid letting the grime sit for a long period of time. Rinse your cufflinks with running water and pat dry, again with gentle clothing. When you get home, just prepare a mild cleaning solution - that is mild soap and water - in a bowl. Dip your cufflinks undisturbed for few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to gently brush off any dirt. Pat them dry. Apply ample amount of metal or jewelry polisher to well-coat your cufflinks and give them an extra shine.

Store cufflinks properly
This is very crucial if you want to lengthen their lives. You wouldn't want them to be cluttering around your desk drawers. Keeping them in appropriate storage will minimize chances of mishandlings which may in turn cause scratches or damages, and also misplacing them. Here's one big mistake many do though - putting their cufflinks in paper or cardboard boxes over time. If you keep them there for a long period of time, acidity in these materials will build up and can cause metal reaction and damage your cufflinks.

Ideally, store them in special cufflink cases. These have soft interior, either cushioned or made with soft fabric, and shuts in well, keeping off humidity. They're also very neatly organized and lovely to look at.

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How to Preserve Cufflinks

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This article was published on 2010/04/01