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Barbells are the usual form of industrial body jewelry. In addition to the ears, they can also be used the tongue, lip and belly button. The barbell is normally a bar which is straight that has beads on both sides that are spherically shaped. One side of the barbell can be unscrewed and inserted in the ears, while the other is enclosed. There are also barbells that can be unscrewed on either side. In addition to the spherically shaped barbells, there are other bead designs that include cylinders, disks, cubes, cones, and triangles. There are also beads that contain studs of different colors for industrial body jewelry. There can also be variations in the project bar. Although the simple barbell design which is normally used, one can also choose another type of design such as a surgical steel bar, middle finger, twist, and the spiral.

It is also important to remember that when you are purchasing industrial body jewelry you should concern yourself with the type of material that the jewelry is made from. Although they can be found in numerous types of materials, industrial body jewelry is usually made from surgical steel or titanium which is the best to be worn while the piercing is healing. After the piercing has healed completely, you can try industrial body jewelry that is made from materials such as gold or silver, as well as decorative materials including acrylic or glass.

Through the adherence to a standard of quality that is very strict and perseverance, industrial body jewelry is not only of the highest quality but also very affordable. All industrial body jewelry is internally threaded for ease of insertion and comfort and the ends are countersunk in order to achieve a stylistically advanced finished product that is functional and has a precise fit. Body jewelry rings are annealed for easy closure and opening, and all industrial body jewelry is hand polished to a consistent high mirror finish. In addition to offering body jewelry that has an extreme consistency of pattern and color, the shiniest and most uniform finish, and are made from the highest quality materials, this type of jewelry provides the people in the pierced community with a type of jewelry that is very inexpensive. This type of jewelry is manufactured in a full line of gem set and metallic jewelry. In addition, it is used for some of the most solid and cutting edge ends and accessories that available in the world.

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Industrial Body Jewelry

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