Jewelry – Women’s Best Friend Forever

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I remember my first crush on beautiful dangling earrings my mom used to wear when I was a little girl. With the passage of time, my love for jewelry has grown into a delightful passion. The delicate sparkling as well as funky earrings has become a part of my daily wear. My earring affiliation is unmatched with other pieces of jewelry, but I love to wear unique rings, stylish bracelets, glass bangles and long necklaces which add glamour to my wardrobe. While shopping and on vacations, I am always looking for lovely pieces that I can add to my collection. For me, jewelry is a tasteful, creative and glamorous addition to enhance our looks. My addiction is to buy beaded, wood, metallic and glass pieces from around the world. Every country has developed its own style and taste in ornamentation. It is exciting to find new styles associated with different countries and adorn ourselves with them gleefully.

The materials used for making inexpensive jewelry pieces are limitless; few of which include sparkling silver, organic wood, sleek enamel, natural seashells, smooth ivory, coarse clay, tasteful copper, breakable glass and many more. I am in love with each and every material for their uniqueness and immense style. But for ladies, the real form of jewelry is made of precious metals and gemstones which have unmatched elegancy and beauty. Diamonds are forever is a famous song which comes to our minds when we think of shiny adornments. What is more classy and beautiful than a piece of diamond sparkling on our fingers? They have been a passion for ladies since the inception of this age. It has always been the most expensive form of adornment for ladies showing off their social status. Gold, white gold, Pearls and gemstones do not lag behind in their sparkling beauty. Gold has been a woman’s best friend since ancient times. Egyptian ladies used to adorn themselves with huge gold necklaces and crowns. The metal has a great value because of its ornamental usage around the globe. Its other form is white gold which has a silver look to the value of gold and it produces a very elegant look on ladies.

Pearls, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, quartz, jade, jasper, turquoise, amber and limitless stones add organic color to the elegant pieces of jewelry. Most of the times, these stones are used with diamond and gold plates adding color to the shining metals. Nothing is more beautiful than a gold necklace adorned with emeralds matched to the emerald gown of a lady dancing in a ballroom. Smooth white pearls stir a unique touch to the attire of a woman specially a nice pearl necklace. I think for female population, nothing is a better gift than a beautiful piece of jewelry. In India, parents give gold jewelry to their bride daughters as a gift for adornment and future security. Nothing pleases women when husbands gift them with a sparkling piece as a token of love. I think it is not an exaggeration to say that jewelry will always remain a women’s best friend forever.

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Jewelry – Women’s Best Friend Forever

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This article was published on 2011/11/15