Magnetic Jewelry Clasps for Your Necklaces and Bracelets

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When you are creating jewelry, one of the essential elements that you will need are jewelry clasps, which are classified as jewelry findings.  These are used to connect the ends of necklaces, bracelets and even cuffs, anklets and belts. Some popular examples of jewelry clasps include the box clasps, lobster claw clasps, hook-eye clasps, toggle clasps, spring clasps, slide lock clasps, tube bar clasps and magnetic jewelry clasps.

Magnetic jewelry clasps are one of the newest inventions among jewelry making supplies and they are getting popular each day because of the secure grasp that it provides to your pieces of jewelry. Because of this popularity, we now have a great range of these jewelry findings in the market, with varying degrees in magnetic strength, shapes, sizes, designs and colors. Besides being used to join the ends of a bracelet or necklace, these jewelry clasps are also used by artisans as a very catching focal point.  So, their uses are not only functional, but decorative as well.

As in other things, magnetic jewelry clasps have their advantages and disadvantages over other jewelry clasps. For one advantage, jewelry pieces using these clasps are easy to put on and take off.  The elderly and people who have arthritis will benefit most from these clasps; there’s no need to fumble with tiny bits, when they are putting their pieces on. They are joined together by 2 magnets that attract each other and taken off by sliding the 2 ends apart.  The magnets used in these clasps are fairly strong, giving an assurance that your piece will not be easily or accidentally coming apart.

It is not only the added security that the magnetic jewelry clasps provide.  They are also known.  The electric current from these jewelry clasps have been proven to increase the flow of oxygen to blood and supply heat to the other body tissues.  These can also regulate the body’s natural functions and at the same time heal many diseases such as asthma, wrist pain, ruptured disks, shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, insomnia, bed sores, arthritis and much more. Besides the healing capability, these clasps also can add value to your jewelry piece.

There are also a number of advantages found in magnetic jewelry clasps, though. These clasps should never be used in places that can be affected by magnetic fields, such as a monitor screen.  It is not advisable to be used by pregnant women and those who are using pacemakers. Because of our polluted environment, these jewelry clasps may disturb our immune system. However, as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, the popularity of these clasps is not in any way affected, according to many artisans.  They still use magnetic clasps as part of their jewelry designs and many people are buying their creations. Magnetic jewelry can be bought from most jewelry shops in your locality or at online websites on the internet.  Whether you are looking for a necklace, bracelets or anklets with magnetic clasps, you can always find them in those places.  If you want to get them at the best prices, going online is the best option for you.

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Magnetic Jewelry Clasps for Your Necklaces and Bracelets

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Magnetic Jewelry Clasps for Your Necklaces and Bracelets

This article was published on 2014/01/14