Men Wearing Pearl Necklace

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Men's aesthetic taste is toward more modest, elegant, beautiful change in direction? Men's accessories is no longer a Tiffany or Rolex watches, cufflinks, and now the world's most remarkable men who have DAI Qi-up with different kinds of jewelry, they are the same as women, trying to find meaning from the jewelry, self-expression. As the designer DonnaKaran said: "If the man have their own type, jewelry and more will Chende his type; for no taste for a guy, then the jewelry will only make him even more stupid."

DevonTurnbull very much like his mother gave him a pearl necklace, while the trend being a Manhattan design shop NomdeGuerre mastermind, he is not a child grow up. A few years ago, when he received the necklace, after not wearing the body, but carefully, to 109 Pearl down and re-string in a golden chain on? It very long and has been hanging from the neck to the waist. Turnbull said that he had been wearing the beads in such an exaggerated, on the one hand and the spirit of religious beliefs, and he favors Vedic astrology and meditation; but more simple and direct one of the reasons is that he is like the pearl.

At first, friends think it's wondering: "Hey, you're not gay, why should it go out wearing a pearl necklace?" "Why not?" Turnbull was right, in this painting pink Beckham nail polish of the era, men for beautiful, what else can not do?

To wear diamond ear, fingers, shirt cuffs, up to prove that a man have the money and they spend money dressing up, compared to the same woman as a man obsessed with colorful jewelry is a realm of beauty. From designer partners StefanoGabbana and DomenicoDolce, the tennis star MaratSafin, the world's most impressive men began wearing jewelry streets, regardless of their aptitude and interest on how different.

So-called "masculine", "power feeling" already seems too rough and monotonous, and men's aesthetic taste is toward more modest, elegant, gorgeous direction? Male models accessories are no longer limited to watches, belts , cufflinks, and, diamonds too straightforward, silver and too mediocre. Let the number of columns some today's most fashionable jewelry for men: Matt textured pendant, old coins, Ethnic beads, Brazil prayer bracelets, red kabbalah string, crystal, bone, rubber, leather, onyx and more strange plays precious stones? Yes, in other words, that any woman would be used and any material you can think of and style.

If you think Rust introduced Neolithic-style license with leather cord silver charm too simple, then BlackSheep & ProdigalSon shell carving piano key tie clip how? Or, GiaUnearthen electric blue stone, clear quartz stones and jewelry out of scrap clip mash it? In Paris, designers were obviously prefer pearls. AnnDemeulemeester to male model wearing them altogether they took to Paris Fashion Week pearl T-type units, cutting-edge brand RenéTalmonl'Armée the big push black Tahitians pearls, but consider the acceptance of men, their skeletons of these pearls with silver pendant and silver necklace with together.

"No surprise, it all just about the creativity and craft." EvanYurman 25 year-old said. Now, his father DavidYurman work to design men's jewelry.

Few years ago, even as DavidYurman famous jewelry brand that only in their "classic gift series," put some kind of annual change in the men's jewelry. Now, DavidYurman Men's jewelry line includes a leather bracelet, black onyx pendant cards, rugged box-chain necklaces and so on. "I like that make you think of the historical and cultural objects" Evan said, and pointed to their own religious Patterns necklace around his neck.

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Men Wearing Pearl Necklace

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This article was published on 2010/09/28