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Jewelry is something that is present in all of the countries of the world or where ever people are living. In this era the jewelry industry is quite on the rise. It has become one of the major industries responsible for earning huge profits in this era. New designs are being introduced and jewelry is made from nearly all kinds of metals like silver, gold, copper, bronze, brass, then now it is even made from plastic, beads, crystals, diamonds, leather, quills etc. hence there are many materials for jewelry and many designs too present in the market throughout the world. However, there are some designs, material etc which have become a trademark of a country and they are only found in that country in the large amount. Every country has a specific type of jewelry that has become kind of a trademark for that country. This article will cover the Russian jewelry.

In Russia one can see all varieties of jewelries imported from all over the world and made locally. The markets are full of different jewelry for different parts of the body. However, even Russia has a specific kind of jewelry which can be viewed as a trademark of this country.  Even when there was a Monarch period the jewelry in Russia was bright and shiny as compared to the Victorian jewelry that was dull and even primed. The jewelry was a fitting example of luxurious and opulent, along with that they were the example of the fine craftsmen found in Russia. The jewelry that was made in Russia was synonymous with innovative design and unique ideas like gemstone stubbed Easter egg, carved Matrushka dolls and even religious icons. In other words these jewelries were unique and made only in Russia unlike other countries.

The themes are also represented by the jewelry in the Russia. Birds are a frequent motif, because they stand for love, permanence, and protection and one can easily buy a goose or duck or a bird made of gold or some other alloy at a low rate as it is locally made. Along with this unique jewelry one can also find the antique jewelry in Russia, there is many shops that sell these original antiques that had passed through generations. The older the good the more costly it will be. Then other than the antique one can also buy the earrings or bracelets coated in enamel, both in antique jewelry and modern age jewelry.

In addition to the gold and other metal jewelry that was either made locally or imported Russia is also famous for its diamond jewelry. The country has 5 companies that are producing diamond jewelry; even though these products are expensive they are beautiful beyond words. There is rarely any bead jewelry or some other kind of jewelry, other than stated in this article. If seen closely then one can see that the Russian jewelry has always been associated with the folklore or legends or religious icons.

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Russian Jewelry

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This article was published on 2011/01/07