Unique Symbolisms In The Best Jewish Jewelry

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Choosing from among the best Jewish jewelry can be an interesting activity especially if you take the time to learn about what kinds of jewelry are available and what significance they hold. Jewish jewelry are more than just ornamental pieces a person can accessorize with – the rich tradition, historic ties, and religious symbolisms with which these pieces of jewelry are made of distinguish them from ordinary whimsical pieces. The best jewelry pieces of Jewish design are often those that carry a special meaning for the wearer and the giver in case it is being bought as a gift. There are different jewelry pieces like pendants, earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches, and bracelets that hold different historic and religious significance while at the same time exhibiting wonderful craftsmanship and modern fashionable design. For the uninitiated, below is a rundown of the some categories within which the best Jewish jewelry pieces would fall:

1. Star of David Jewelry – This is one of the most popular symbols associated with the Jewish faith and land, finding focal prominence in the Israeli flag and in all synagogues. The Star of David symbol is made of two interlocked triangles set to form a hexagram which is supposed to stand for the ruling tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Set in the best Jewish jewelry, the Star of David is believed to bring good fortune, happiness, and wealth to those who wear them. It is not uncommon to find pieces of jewelry bearing this six apex star symbol in stores that specialize in anything Jewish.

2. Hamsa Jewelry – The Hamsa symbol is yet another popular symbol used in most jewelry pieces in the Jewish culture. The word Hamsa translates to five alluding to the five fingers of the hand, particularly that of Fatima who is the daughter of Prophet Muhammad – this allusion was eventually renamed to hand of Miriam in reference to the sister of Moses and Aaron. Used in jewelry, the Hamsa is believed to invoke powers of protection, luck, fortune, power, and prosperity depending on how it is depicted. Although the Hamsa is generally depicted in a down-ward pointing hand, the fingers of the hand can appear spread apart or closed together, respectively representing protection against evil and outpouring of blessings. Some Hamsas would have a stylized eye on the palm of the hand to repel the evil eye.

3. Kabbalah Jewelry – This category of Jewish jewelry is anchored on traditional spiritual tools and sacred symbols known as spiritual keys that are supposed to stimulate positive energies to improve the wearer’s life. Kabbalah jewelry are different from other categories of jewelry since each piece of Kabbalah jewelry is specifically crafted with a combination of metals such as silver, gold, lead, tin, and copper. Kabbalah jewelry should also be designed and crafted with specific intent and belief in mind during the specific time of the month during which mystical powers are strongest. Inscriptions like the 72 names of God as well as the Tree of Life in Kabbalah Jewish jewelry help the wearer become successful in life, brining protection not only from the evil eye but also from other unfortunate events as ailments, accidents, and relationship issues among others.

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Unique Symbolisms In The Best Jewish Jewelry

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Unique Symbolisms In The Best Jewish Jewelry

This article was published on 2011/07/14