What Every Mom Wants

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Almost every woman loves jewelry and moms are no exception.  For a mother, jewelry is a way to express her feminine, sexy, womanly side that never changes dirty diapers, stumbles out of bed in the middle of the night, makes and cleans up meals, or does laundry.  Jewelry is a way for a mom just to feel like a beautiful woman.  It doesn't matter if she hasn't showered, or if her hair isn't done, or if she is wearing sweatpants; she is beautiful.  This is why moms love to receive jewelry.

However, there is another side to a mother that she can never quite get rid of.  And she never wants to.  This is the piece of her that rocks a sleeping child, or kisses a bumped knee, or hurries to answer that heart-wrenching child's cry of pain or fear, or listens for her baby's snore.  The part of her heart that swells with love and pride every time her child calls out "Mommy".  This side of her was created that first moment she saw those two life-changing pink lines on a stick and grew larger when she heard that speeding tiny heartbeat for the first time.  When the day finally came when she met the tiny someone she had already carried for so long, that piece of her practically took over the rest of her heart.  She is, and forever will be, a mom.

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and you might be wondering what to get for your mother.  May
I propose a suggestion?  I think you should get your mom something that combines both sides of her – the mother and the woman.  Photo jewelry has become a popular choice for new mothers and veteran mothers because it combines the picture of the child they love with so much of their heart with the jewelry that reminds them that they are even more beautiful after having a child.  Whether you choose a pendant, ring, or bracelet she can wear it proudly knowing it makes her feel attractive and allows her to carry her child close to her heart.

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What Every Mom Wants

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This article was published on 2010/03/27